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The Kenpo Martial Arts Center is a training facility for a mixed combination of martial arts involving Kenpo, Jiu-Jitsu and Chaun-FA (Chinese  boxing) as well as weapons. 

We teach self-defense with the art of Kenpo – which means “fist law” – fast fluent hand/feet techniques as well as key Jiu-Jitsu techniques (joint locks and joint manipulation) and chaun-fA.  in order to enable students to develop a sound foundation in martial arts training and self defense.


The style of Kenpo is a unique system since it enables the practitioner to learn how to defend him/her self against one or multiple attackers. 

It also ensures that students are versed in defense techniques against unarmed or armed assilants.

Our core values

Respect, Discipline, Honor, Etiquette, Effort, Character, Self-Control

Group classes are taught by Shihan Hinthorne (7th Degree Black Belt. Shihan Hinthorne has been studying martial arts for over four decades)



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Kenpo Martial Arts Center

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